In today’s heteronormative society, femme lesbians and bisexual women are being harassed and discredited as legitimate members of the LGBTQ+ community. At ‘Do I Look Gay Yet’, (DILGY) we believe that awareness of this harmful and intimidating environment needs to be raised. When a feminine lesbian or bisexual woman is not taken seriously, they face invisibility, doubt, harassment from fellow members of the community and/or men. This ambiance that surrounds femmes, in most cases, leads to them questioning their identity or belonging.

Additionally, femme gay/bi males and male to female transgenders are at an even higher risk of being faced with physical violence or verbal abuse. Being feminine by nature is not a valid reason to fear for your safety or question your validity amongst society. There is a clear need for change in these ghastly conditions that are surrounding the femme LGBTQ+ community.

DILGY is not about the “femme” label, but rather about bringing awareness to the feminine LGBTQ+ community. Our goal is to create a space that allows them to feel as included as all other identities. We believe that “unisex” apparel shouldn’t always mean a men’s cut t-shirt. Our solution? Providing femme LGBTQ+ members a line of apparel meant just for them.

We will be launching soon and are working hard to create a strong feminine community to surround our brand. If you are interested in being part of the DILGY community, simply send us a paragraph about what your femme side means to you. We will pick a picture form your page and feature you as a member of the DILGY squad.

Do I Look Gay Yet?